Coronavirus Cleaning Services in San Antonio, TX

Residential Coronavirus Sanitization & Disinfection 

Our team of professionals will come to your residence in full P.P.E. (suits, mask, gloves, booties etc.) And we will disinfect your entire home using a fogging method. Also available is turning a room into a contained area using negative pressure by not allowing any air in the room to combine with the air in the common living spaces. This is an idea for high risk seniors, dining rooms, children’s rooms, play areas and nurseries.

Commercial Building Sanitization & Disinfection  

Our team of professionals will come to your office, warehouse or workplace at night or during business hours wearing full P.P.E Suits, masks gloves and booties. We will disinfect your entire office, jobsite or warehouse using a fogging method. We can also change HVAC filters having your office ready clean and disinfected for your team members to returning to a clean and safe work environment.

We Use Eco-Friendly Disinfection Products:

FAQ’s About Coronavirus Disinfection Services:

Is the solution you use effective against COVID-19?

  • Yes, the different types of disinfectant we use does KILL the HUMAN CORONAVIRUS.

Will you come to my home or business if there is a COVID-19 confirmed case?

  • Yes, we are a full service environmental company and these are the types of situations we are experienced and trained for.

Is fogging effective against bacteria too?

  • Yes,  FOGGING/ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING is effective against biological contamination.

Is the product you use natural?

  • Yes, we do recommend that any surface that has a potential to touch food be wiped down before use. We do offer a plastic sheeting barrier that we can place in certain areas you may not want treated.

Will the area be wet after fogging?

  • Yes, however we need the disinfectant to stay on the treated surfaces for at least 10 minutes.

Will the solution stain my carpet, furniture, curtains or counters?

  • No, the disinfectant solutions we use are either a clear natural liquid or have just a hint of color.

Is fogging bad for the lungs?

  • We do suggest that people and pets be in another area of the home/building while we FOG/ELECTROSTATICALLY SPRAY.

Is fogging the most effective way to disinfect?

  • No, actually ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING is the most effective way to treat most areas however in some larger areas we will use the FOGGING machines designed specifically for our disinfecting products.

Is fogging safe for pets?

  • We use all natural and safe disinfectants which are CDC recommended.

Can fogging be done in the kitchen?

  • Yes, however we suggest wiping down any area that may be touched by food although the disinfectant is all natural and safe we don’t want anyone ingesting it.

If I am an Asthma or Allergy sufferer, could fogging be done at my home or office?

  • Yes, however we do suggest you stay away from the areas that are being treated for at least 15-20 minutes after we treated the area.

Does the product you use have a strong smell?

  • Our products either have no smell or pleasant minty or clean smell.

Will it be any leftover residue?

  • There will be either none or very little depending on the process used. In homes/offices we usually go with the ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING method which will have almost no noticeable residue and is not harmful or toxic. It can be wiped during your normal cleaning routine. In some industrial/warehouse situations we will usually use FOGGERS and ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYERS which the FOGGERS tend to leave a bit more residue more than the ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYERS.

Can the fogging damage any equipment or electronic appliances such as computers, TVs, printers, etc?

  • We will usually ask you to remove them but if they can not be removed we will place a plastic sheet over them.

Do people, food, plants, and pets need to be removed while fogging?

  • No, however we do ask that any people or pets be in another area of the home/building while we treat the area.

How often does fogging disinfecting need to be done??

  • It is suggested to continually clean during the pandemic however some public and commercial properties should have a regular scheduled fogging. If you had someone in your home or business that may have been exposed to the CORONAVIRUSit is recommended to thoroughly clean. FOGGING/ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING is effective by allowing the disinfectant to naturally run through the HVAC duct work to help kill any potential virus that may be lingering within.

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